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The Last 5X Innovation R&D Center for a Smart, Happy, and Resilient Society・Kyoto University・COI

Our goal is to・・・develop a smart,flexible, and accommodating society,in which citizens remain active and pursue new challenges throughout their entire lives.

The present advanced information society and advanced medical care have allowed structural changes in daily necessities and local infrastructure, leading to reduced space and an increase in human lifespan.
However, have our lives really become more convenient?
Excessive information has spun off a sense of insecurity, leading to society that heavily depends on a variety of things.
Consequently, the current social environment that seemingly looks free and unfettered has actually become restricted and fettered.

Towards a smart, flexible,and accommodating society

To develop a smart, flexible, and accommodating society, in which citizens remain active and pursue new challenges throughout their entire lives, we use cordless power supply technology, sensor technology, and advanced ICT technology as key technologies. Our goal is to support the mental and physical health of women and children, as well as securing a safe and untroubled life in the fields of healthcare and disaster-resilient infrastructure. Universities and corporations will collaborate in R&D across fields of study both vertically and horizontally to achieve social implementation.

“A smart, flexible, and accommodating society” refers to a society
that brings a peaceful mind to everyone.
A peaceful mind refers to relieving concerns.
Concerns that are not relieved by current technologies
and social systems will be solved.

Creation of”Last 5X”innovation : Solving concerns with three key technology-based projects

What is the Last 5X?

It is to achieve a cordless environment at home within 5 meters from a wall, outside monitoring within a distance from 50 meters to 5 kilometers, sharing information on a daily basis with family members and friends living far from you (up to 500 km) by using 5 technologies (electric power transmission, communication, sensing, device, ICT) that connect the 5 elements of people, information, energy, health, and the environment at the same time.

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Visions Disaster-resilient Infrastructure healthcare Support for Women & Child-caring

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Outline of Phase 3

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